Bootle Band

Download now from the iOS App Store.  Bootle Band is a mixed reality game designed to provide children with a means to explore musical play with real-life instruments in virtual worlds.  No ads, no selling of data, just pure musical fun

Bootle Band was originally designed as an engaging way for young children to practice fine motor skills in therapy activities, however has since gained mainstream appeal for children of all abilities. The musical score, developed in collaboration with two-time Juno nominated composer Chris Donnelly (, reacts to real- life instruments, and encourages exploration of music theory concepts like rhythm and pitch in solo or group virtual play. Bootle Band promotes collaborative play, fine motor skills development, and early childhood music education.


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    • I’m using the instruments but it seems like the game doesn’t always pick them up.  Is there a way to adjust the microphone?
      • Make sure that Bootle Band has permission to use the microphone
      • To adjust the input levels, click the GEAR in the top right hand corner and enter the code: 222222 and then the play button.  This will open a settings screen.
    • What age range or ability level is this game intended for?
      • This game is great for any child, though we recommend ages 4 and up.
    • Do you collect any identifiable data?
      • Nope!  No emails collected, no location data, no names.  We are not a company that operates with that business model.  Read our privacy policy here.
    • Do you sell my data to a third party?
      • Nope.  Read our privacy policy here.
    • I hate ads!  Are there ads?
      • Unlike many other free apps out there, we have no ads.  Not even from us!
    • If you don’t collect and sell data, and you don’t have any adds, how do you make money and keep your company going?
      • This is not our only offering, we have other products and services that keep the lights on!  Bootle Band is free for a limited time only, so get it now!